What Causes Bad Breath?

Do you know what causes bad breath? Dr. Wagner¬†from Boise’s own Modern Dental answers that question, here. The answer might surprise you and encourage you to brush more often!

Well the answer is very simple. Really it comes down to bacteria. Bacteria and oral cavities.

Bacteria in the mouth can hide in a number of different places. It can hide in the crevices of the tongue, around the teeth, in plaque and bacteria that attach to the teeth, or it can hide in between them.

Bacteria is a living organism which has a metabolism and so it creates by-products in your mouth and those by-products are what causes the smell that is interpreted as bad breath

So the answer to that question, “What causes bad breath?” The simple answer is bacteria and bacterial by-products in the mouth and around the teeth and on the tongue.

I’m Dr. Wagner¬†from Modern Dental in South East Boise, and thank you for reading! If you ever have any dental related questions me or my team might be able to help with, feel free to give us a call!