Using Science to Straighten Your Teeth

I’m talking a lot about orthodontia this month because I want everyone to know that at Modern Dental in Boise, we offer some cutting edge orthodontic options for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite.

We pride ourselves on making continuing education an important part of our professional lives. We know that we are only as good as the tools at our disposal. So making sure we are always using the best tools that the industry has to offer is our way of passing on those benefits to you as our patients.

With us, you can find the fastest, easiest, and most painless options out there because that’s what the technology is providing these days. However, you have to actually get out there and learn about it instead of just sticking to what’s familiar and comfortable.

New Braces Go With the Flow

Modern Dental Girl with Braces

In a rigid system with stainless steel wire, it’s very difficult for the teeth to move into place. You’d have to go to the orthodontist and get the wires pulled and tightened in order to force the teeth into their new positions. It would entail “jerky” movement over the course of several years, usually resulting in a lot of soreness and discomfort.

Low-friction brackets and thermal-activated nickel titanium wires are two of the most incredible innovations in orthodontia. The teeth slide much more easily with these.

Nickel Titanium wires are very flexible, especially when they are cold. After cooling them down, they feel more like a thread, which allows you to bend them into places where the teeth are crooked.

However, when the wires begin to warm up again, naturally through your own body heat, the wire wants to return to its original shape. The natural arch that the wire tries to move to exerts gentle and continuous pressure on your crooked teeth, slowly and consistently pulling them into a better position.

As you can imagine, this results in far less pain and discomfort. And with continual pressure toward that beautiful arch, the braces don’t have to be on your teeth for as long.

This is just one of the innovations in orthodontia that I utilize in my practice for many of my patients. They are happily and easily moving toward a straighter, healthier smile. Do you want to join them?

And next time you visit our Boise dental practice, or the next time you call, ask us about invisible braces!