Tooth Tattoos? Who Would Have Thought?

Modern Dental Suburban Dental Lab Crown Tattoos. Source

Steve Canter, CDT and owner of Suburban Dental Lab in Connecticut has taken national spotlight for his tooth tattooing creations!

Gold work specialty was the primary requested art back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s but has since taken a back seat to corvettes, spiders, and dogs!

Accepting The Challenge!

Steve says, Most of the clients requesting tattoos are middle aged, and I’ve noticed over the years that the tattoos they pick are quite personal to them,” Steve said. “We have done everything from children’s names, dogs (which are the most popular), sports team logos, flowers, beach scenes, and believe it or not, insects and fish. All someone has to do is provide us with a picture and we take it from there.”

There are two very qualified ceramists who prepare each tooth tattoo diligently, one of which holds a fine arts degree.

Each image is hand-painted onto the crown in a pretty complex process. The stains used for the tattoos are built in layers until the final picture has reached the desired outcome. Once complete the crown is baked to set the tattoo.

“My ceramist says he enjoys doing tattoos for the ‘wow’ factor, We hear everything from ‘That’s disgusting’ to ‘That’s so cool. Where do I get one?’ We try to be as creative as possible, whether we’re doing a CAD/CAM implant structure or an e.max crown with a picture on it.” says Canter.

So far, most of the tooth tattoos they have created are done on bicuspids and molars, but “I’m just waiting for someone to want one on their anterior teeth,” Steve said with a laugh. “The tattoos will last many, many years, as long as a client does not put any abrasives on them. In fact, I’ve never heard of one coming off. We have many satisfied customers out there.”

Suburban Dental has been aired on local and affiliated stations across the nation, gaining notoriety that wasn’t expected! “The attention has been very exciting for us, and we’ve gotten many more requests for tattoos since,” Steve said.

Innovative or Ridiculous? You Decide!

I guess it was only a matter of time before something wacky like this came about! For some a tooth tattoo could be a great way to remember a loved one or just a way to skirt around those boring crowns with no personality!

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~Dr. Wagner