The Wagner Clan’s Summer Plans

You know me as your Boise family dentist at Modern Dental, but I’m also a husband to my lovely wife Leslie, and a father to our four children. The main word I’d use to describe my family right now is busy.

I know – even though school just got out for the summer, the kids have plenty to do!

The Wagner family

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My daughter Tessa is 7 already. She finished soccer and her team did very well. I was proud of how much she’s progressed since she started. They do 4 on 4 with no goalies.

She also stays busy with dance and plays the piano.


Sam’s soccer season was awesome. He plays in the competitive league, rather than the rec league, as part of the team Idaho Rush. His team won 2nd division undefeated (with a couple ties).

In one game, his team was down 4-0 at halftime, but came back and won 5-4. He scored the winning goal with a hat trick in the last second of the game, which he was very excited about!

My Other Two

You know how older kids get when their proud dad starts bragging about them, so I’ll just quickly summarize what’s going on with them.

My older daughter is going to be entering her senior year of high school this next year, and I have to say, it’s surreal having a kid that old.

As for my older son, he’s part of the Boy Scouts and is going to High Adventure in August. It’s an exciting summer camp put on by the BSA.

The Summer

Well, that’s all I have for now about what’s going on in the Wagner clan, but I’m definitely excited about the summer. It’ll be pretty busy at the Modern Dental practice, that’s for sure!

I wish you all a great summer, and I hope to see you stopping by Modern Dental in South East Boise in the next few months!

~Dr. Wagner