Teeth Whitening – Is It Safe?

Not long ago, teeth whitening was a cosmetic procedure that was rarely advertised. Today, it is hard to watch TV without seeing a commercial promising an increased quality of life simply by using whitening strips.

If you’re considering teeth whitening, you want to make sure it won’t do more harm than good.

Before starting a journey for teeth white enough to sparkle in the sunlight, read these safety tips:

 See Your Dentist First

Get a dental checkup at you Boise dentist, Modern Dental.  Ask Dr. Royce or Dr. Wagner if teeth whitening is a healthy choice for you. If you have gum disease, inflammation, or untreated cavities, you should put off the whitening until those issues are taken care of.

Consulting with a dentist can help you set a realistic expectation about how much whiter your teeth will get. Everyone’s teeth are different, and you don’t want to be let down if your teeth aren’t as white as the photoshopped models on the TV ads.

Remember, your crowns won’t whiten with over the counter whitening products. If you whiten your teeth and the crowns remain the same shade, the difference can actually harm your appearance.

 Do NOT Use Whitening Products if You:

Are pregnant or nursing, OR if you have recently used a whitening product.

Any bleaching beyond 1-2 times a year may be excessive, or even harmful depending on the process. Over the counter whitening strips may be harmful if used more than once a month.

Follow All the Directions

These products must be used carefully.

If You Feel Pain or Notice a Negative Reaction, Stop Use Immediately.

When you plan to white your teeth, you want to look good without sacrificing health. By following these steps, you will be on the right path to an attractive, healthy smile.

Still have questions about teeth whitening in Boise? Give our office a call and we’ll be sure to help answer any questions you may have, and get you scheduled for an appointment, if it makes sense.