Teeth After 65 – What to Expect

At some point in each of our lives, our bodies wear down with age. Teeth and gums are part of this process.

What parts of your oral health are natural processes of aging? How do you know if your mouth truly requires medical attention? This posts helps you understand what to expect with the coming years.

What to Expect

While nobody’s life experience is exactly the same, there are common things you must expect and prepare for. For example:

  1. Less Saliva Production – glands in the mouth make less saliva.
  2. Weaker gums – can come from disease or normal aging
  3. Stained Teeth – coffee, smoking, and other things can case stains
  4. Abrasion – harsh brushing can cause teeth to become thinner
  5. Attrition – grinding your teeth, and general wear and tear of chewing food can flatten your teeth
  6. Bacteria in the gums – if bacteria causes infection, it can lead to harm

A regular dental check up every 4-6 months at our Boise dental practice, Modern Dental, will allow you to learn if there are any upcoming problems in any of these areas.

Emergency Situations

Here are emergencies that require medical attention fast:

  1. Gum Disease – If bacteria lead to an infection, it can become very serious. From gingivitis to periodontitis, disease affects the gums and even the bones around the teeth. Symptoms include bleeding, and detached gums that later reattach lower than they were before. This problem must be treated immediately.
  2. Tooth Loss – Accidents, gum disease, and other problems can cause the one thing you most hope to avoid.
  3. Oral cancer – risk of this condition increases with age. See Dr. Wagner or Dr. Royce if you notice any change in your cheeks, mouth, or throat.

By regularly brushing, flossing, and checking in with the team at Modern Dental, you will be able to use your teeth throughout life, prolonging your health and quality of living.

But don’t take our word for it! See what real Boise patients have to say about their visit to Modern Dental in South East Boise!