Pulling Teeth is NOT the Answer

This is something that, as a Boise dentist who is certified to practice orthodontics, I am passionate about! Pulling teeth is NOT the right way to go about straightening your smile. Why Are Teeth Getting Pulled? In dental school, I did a research project on orthodontia about pulling teeth for orthodontic treatments. We needed cases […]

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Modern Dental AND Orthodontics…Wait, What?

Yes, the name of our Boise office is actually Modern Dental and Orthodontics. While we are not licensed Orthodontists, I do have extensive training in orthodontics. I can perform various procedures in order to help straighten your smile. Orthodontics is one of the things that has really been a passion of mine during my career. […]

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Do You or Your Child Need Braces?

The added financial responsibility of caring for others can be stressful, especially when deciding whether to buy braces for your children. Braces cost money that could be spent elsewhere, and your child’s social life and physical appearance will be impaired temporarily. How do you know if your child really needs braces? Let’s take a look… […]

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