Headaches and Oral Care—Is There a Connection?

A recent news article in Aesthetic Dentistry discusses a common affliction in most Americans. An average of 40 percent of Americans report having daily headaches. While the general public has, in the past, traditionally brought up ailments with health care providers, it has recently become clear that dental providers should be playing a greater role […]

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Why you should STOP brushing your teeth

Your Boise dentist is telling you to stop brushing your teeth? That’s crazy, right?! Well, you ARE right. It’s crazy. But I mean it. Just not in the way you think. Brushing manually with a regular toothbrush just doesn’t do the job very well. So what I am recommending, is to switch to an electric […]

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Do You or Your Child Need Braces?

The added financial responsibility of caring for others can be stressful, especially when deciding whether to buy braces for your children. Braces cost money that could be spent elsewhere, and your child’s social life and physical appearance will be impaired temporarily. How do you know if your child really needs braces? Let’s take a look… […]

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