Forming Healthy Habits for The Lazy Brain

Our brains are lazy, and it’s an important concept we should understand when we want to create new habits, such as flossing our teeth every day.  As we dive into 2019, note that 92% of us will fail to keep our New Year’s resolutions. The good news is that we can use our understanding of this […]

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12 Significant (and quirky) Facts That Make Flossing Essential!

We all know that flossing is important, yet only 49 percent of Americans floss daily, and 10 percent don’t even floss at all! We as dentists find this unfortunate because flossing is even more important than brushing (and takes less time!) when it comes to preventing tooth loss, cavities, and periodontal gum disease. Diving Right […]

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Save $$$$ with $1/month and 1 minute/day!!

As a Boise dentist, I hear way too many excuses about why people don’t floss. Quite frankly, I think it all comes down to personal accountability. The individuals who take responsibility for their health are the ones that find the motivation to make daily flossing a solid part of their lives. Do They Floss? I […]

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