ClearCorrect: The Clear Orthodontic Alternative

If you’re an adult who wants straight teeth, you might feel like you’re caught in a trap. You probably didn’t have braces when you were younger, and you’re not sure how they’d fit into your life as an adult and a professional. Braces are a highly-personal choice. They can do wonders for your teeth, and […]

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Using Science to Straighten Your Teeth

I’m talking a lot about orthodontia this month because I want everyone to know that at Modern Dental in Boise, we offer some cutting edge orthodontic options for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite. We pride ourselves on making continuing education an important part of our professional lives. We know that we are only […]

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Modern Dental AND Orthodontics…Wait, What?

Yes, the name of our Boise office is actually Modern Dental and Orthodontics. While we are not licensed Orthodontists, I do have extensive training in orthodontics. I can perform various procedures in order to help straighten your smile. Orthodontics is one of the things that has really been a passion of mine during my career. […]

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