Spring Dental Cleaning in Boise

With spring on its way, many people decide it’s time to deep clean their homes. The idea is to do thorough cleaning, the kind that gets stuff clean in places your normal, daily cleaning just doesn’t reach. Just as it’s good for your home to occasionally deep clean your kitchen, it’s good for your health […]

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Get to Know Your Dental Team: Employee Spotlight

At Modern Dental, we enjoy running a dental practice in Boise because Boise is full of great people. We’re blessed to serve great patients, and we’re also fortunate to work with a great dental team. That’s why we’re putting Ashley, one of our incredible dental assistants, in the spotlight. She provides top notch care to […]

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Modern Dental’s Dream Team Christmas Party!

All of us at Modern Dental were really looking forward to our office Christmas party and the anticipation definitely paid off! We couldn’t ask for a better team of people and friends to spend a majority of our day with! We really do have the perfect, “Dream Team”! It was a fun filled day which […]

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