Stanley, Idaho—Breathtaking Beauty

Dr. Wagner Hike in Stanley Idaho

In a last-ditch effort to squeeze in as much summer-inspired fun as possible, my daughter Emma and I decided to head off to Stanley, Idaho, into the beautiful Sawtooth mountains of Idaho for a little hiking adventure!

Located about 150 miles north of Boise, the Sawtooths are known for their beautiful and amazing scenery. It’s no wonder Ernest Hemingway adored it here!

National Geographic has named it one of the must-do drives in their “Drives of a Lifetime” publication, and after driving it myself, I can understand why!

And So It Begins!

 Dr. Wagner and Daughter Emma

Our agenda: we began our hike at Pettit Lake, which is a beautiful alpine lake located in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains about seventeen miles south of Stanley, also known as the “Trailhead to Idaho Adventures”!

Dr. Wagner Pettit Lake

Dr. Wagner Pettit Lake Beginning

We successfully hiked the 5.5 miles into Alice Lake on our first day. Alice Lake is one of the largest lakes in the Sawtooth Wilderness and is 8,596 feet in elevation. It is also not uncommon for Alice Lake to remain frozen well into early summer.

 Dr. Wagner Alice Lake

After a chilly night spent in our light backpacking bags (definitely need to bring warmer blankets, next time!) we headed out for our second destination, Toxaway Lake!

Dr. Wagner Alice Lake Head Trail

Toxaway Lake is also an alpine lake in the Sawtooth Mountains and is accessible by trails from Yellow Belly Lake as well as Pettit Lake trailheads, passing by Farley Lake.

Dr. Wagner Toxaway Lake

Our third day we made our way back to our beginning point at Pettit Lake and then headed into Stanley, for the best burgers I think I’ve ever inhaled! They really were that good, and so much better than our backpacking food!

The scenery was unbelievably incredible and something everyone should be able to witness. If only our eyes could take pictures, right?!

We also did a little fishing on our hike, and I think I managed to catch the smallest fish ever! I caught about four fish but lost five or six lures in the process. Sadly, my fish were smaller than my spinner, but Emma proved herself to be a much better angler than I am and caught the biggest fish out of both of us!

If you ever find yourself looking for a great hiking adventure, this trail will not disappoint! And if you have hiking trails in or around Boise that you’d like to share, give our South East Boise dental practice a call, or comment on our Facebook profile!


~Dr. Wagner