Special Features – A Behind the Scenes Look at Modern Dental

Backstage area behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered what the rest of your Boise dental office looks like? Normally, patients only see what they are meant to see, as though it were a Broadway magic show, preparing those backstage secrets.

Today, we’ll give you an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Boise’s favorite dentist office. After all, the dentists behind the curtain have no secrets to keep.

The Tour: Beginning to End

Front view of Modern Dental office

We love our office. We are located in a vibrant area of East Boise in a comfortable-yet-modern building. It’s a good place to call home.

Front desk of dental office

Our friendly assistants stand by to schedule appointments and keep our office running smoothly; and to keep the practice organized, too. (not pictured: friendly assistants…friendly assistants, where are you? Get back to work!)

Waiting room

While you wait for your dentist, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting area. You’ll also find a dedicated corner just for the kids! Toys, books and more will help keep your tot corralled so you can divert your attention to the latest episode of day time TV.

 X-ray chair

No, this isn’t a set off of Star Trek. This machine is used for X-rays– providing our doctors with pictures of your teeth and bones that can show any signs of cavities, wisdom teeth, and bone loss. X-rays are an essential part of any dental care treatment plan.

Dental Chair

If you thought the chair above was cool, check out this one. Modern Dental chairs are high-tech command centers, designed to give the dentist the tools, positioning, and lighting needed to quickly and efficiently work on our patients. This chair has a built in “dental engine” that serves as a source of power for rinsing, suction hoses, compressed air, and irrigation water nozzles for keeping the work area clean.


Why are there more chairs than dentists? Not only are both doctors frequently working, but the hygienists are often busy providing cleaning and whitening care, too. Our dental assistants will stage multiple patients and have them ready, so each dentist is able to quickly move from patient to patient.


Sometimes we let Doctor Wagner take a (short) lunch break, and this room is the place outfitted for such an event.

room with tables and chairs

This behind the scenes shot, highlights where our team spends their downtime. It’s a great space for group meetings, breaks, or a quiet workplace.

Private office

Each doctor has their own office space, this seat being the place Dr. Royce calls home. Notice the fine, eccentric art on the wall and the fact that he keeps his lunch in here so Dr. Wagner won’t eat it.

Picture of private office

This space is where all the plans come together for Dr. Wagner.

Shelves of records.

All of those patient records and treatment plans have to go somewhere… The key to keeping track of it all is meticulous and accurate organization, as well as a great command over the alphabet.


Every team member has their job, each room a function, and each tool a purpose. All of these separate parts come together to form the premiere treatment offered at Modern Dental.

Feel Right at Home

At Modern Dental in South East Boise, we create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, while avoiding the sanitized feel of other clinics so you look forward to your visits and can’t wait to come back!  

~Dr. Wagner