Sleep Apnea: Things You May Not Know

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of attending a six-day mini-residency training opportunity given by the prestigious Steve Olmos.

We travelled to San Diego on three different occasions to soak in the newest and greatest research information that continues to surround Dental Sleep Medicine and TMD.

What we were able to take away from that training is greatly valuable and we are hoping to implement this training within our own practice.

Modern Dental Sleep Apnea and Dental Issues

What We Are Finding

The more research that’s conducted the more we are finding the common significance between dental problems and sleep apnea.

According to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening medical disorder that causes your body to stop breathing during sleep. The muscles in your throat relax and the tongue may fall back and block the airway as you sleep, reducing the amount of oxygen delivered to all of your organs including your heart and brain.”

Our goal is to try and help fix and/or eliminate sleep apnea issues that are directly related to various dental irregularities.

New information is making its way to the dental community and the importance of these discoveries can be a vast help to those who may suffer from a form of sleep apnea!

Don’t Wait!

Stay tuned for upcoming information on these great findings, and If you or someone you know may suffer from sleep apnea, there could be a direct link to your dental history.

We encourage you to make an appointment at our dental practice in South East Boise to see us for further information and an examination for an accurate diagnosis.

~Dr. Wagner