Sit back and Relaaaaaax

Conscious sedation is a miracle for people who really need it.

Those of you who have mild to severe anxiety when confronted with the chore of sitting in that dentist office chair and having sharp pointy metal tools scraping your teeth while you struggle to keep your mouth open.

Ok ok, I’ll stop! =)

Some people CAN get through an appointment without a hitch. For some of us, it might be uncomfortable, and perhaps you try not to think about what’s going on; but you can still do it twice a year without real pain or problems.

But, there are some who physically can’t get through it. Sometimes it’s due to a bad experience as a child. Sometimes it’s a sensitivity to touch or pain. And at other times it’s a fear of sharp objects or choking.

Whatever the case, sedation dentistry is fast becoming a real solution for people with these concerns.

Why Can’t I just Skip the Appointment?

Unfortunately, in years past, people who experience extreme anxiety at the dentist office have just opted to skip appointments altogether. This is never a good idea. And because their fears sometimes focus on having objects in their mouths, they don’t always do a good job of home oral health care either.

I’ve seen some patients come in to do conscious sedation appointments and their mouths are in bad, bad shape. It makes me so happy to see that they have a chance at getting their oral health back on track because it’s not just to have a nice smile.

Oral health means they are free from tooth, gum, and jaw pain. They have more confidence. Sometimes it can even improve their speech or eating.

For some, they just need to experience a dental exam once or twice without their bodies’ extreme reaction to know that it is a smooth and easy, even comfortable, experience. And for others, they will probably continue to use the conscious sedation option each time.

In either case, it is working for people who otherwise would suffer from gingivitis, tooth decay and tooth loss, and all sorts of other ailments.

What is it like?

Well, I can give you an idea of what it’s like from my position as the dentist. Typically my patients sleep for at least a portion of the appointment. But it is a very light sleep. I ask them questions and they can answer them accurately and quickly. But they are relaxed enough that they doze quite easily while I work on cleaning their teeth.

It’s been called sleep dentistry for this reason but that’s a misnomer. You are still conscious, just in a deep state of relaxation. And we are very precise in our care of you during that time. Your blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse are continuously monitored.

It is a very safe, easy, and affordable solution. We’ve had people come all the way from Twin Falls and Emmet in order to have it performed at our Boise dental practice. It’s important enough for them to travel to receive it. People have seen the reviews and are definitely becoming more attracted to the idea.

If this is something that interests you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or come in and ask any questions you may have. We can also fill you in about IV Sedation dentistry, and how it might be an even better fit than conscious sedation!

~Dr. Wagner