Science vs. Good Dental Habits

Modern Dental Smiling lady

I’ve been seeing a lot of Modern Dental patients here in Boise, especially parents, who are starting to become too passive in those daily dental habits for themselves and their kids.

As your dentist, I want to keep your smiles healthy and whole. So here is a friendly little reminder…

Brush and Floss EVERY DAY!

Science is fun!

A lot of people get excited about scientific innovations, but sometimes they take it too far. Of course, I sympathize with that since I’m also very excited by science. Just reading my blogs every other month will tell you how much I enjoy it. (Hint: it’s a lot!)

However, it’s never a good idea to confuse innovations with replacements, i.e. an excuse to do less.

Super-Strength Toothpaste

A perfect example of this is when someone purchases the prescription-strength toothpaste Flouridex we carry in our dental office. It does wonders for strengthening teeth, limiting sensitivity, and protecting against cavities.

However, just because it’s very strong and effective doesn’t mean you only need to use it once a week!

The great things that we see coming into the dental world are meant to support your good DAILY dental habits, not replace them.

Please use these innovations, breakthroughs, and new technologies – but don’t forget about the real physical power of brushing, flossing, and 6-month check ups! Those are the real game changers! If you’re in need of a 6-month check up, give our South East Boise office a call and we’ll get you on the books.

~Dr. Wagner