Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

Modern Dental Boy with MouthguardSoccer has started up again. Tess, 7, and Sam, 11, are both in Idaho Rush Soccer Leagues right now.

And because I’m not just a dad, but also a Boise dentist, the next thought on my mind is… mouthguards!

Well, maybe not the very next thought. I tend to reminisce about my days playing midfield. I also worry a bit about what it will be like coaching my daughter’s team this year.

In addition to all that, though, I think about mouthguards and how they can prove to save you a lot of time and money later if you spend a little time and inconvenience on them now.

Are Mouthguards Worth It?

Short answer? YES!

Now, I will tell you that I haven’t fixed many sports-related dental injuries in my time as a dentist. Although, I will say that if you are drinking downtown, be careful that you don’t fall down and chip a tooth. (Yes, that is a true story!)

Soccer isn’t also quite so bad, but certainly sports like basketball and football can be dangerous for young smiles. Your children can make contact with knees, elbows, and helmets — any of which could result in a chipped or missing tooth.

If you know that your risk factor is high for a chipped tooth, mouthguards are definitely an important addition to your sporting equipment.

But of course, I’ve also dealt with a missing tooth from a bike accident. So, you won’t always know when something like that will happen. You’ll increase your odds of keeping all those pearly whites if you can remember the mouthguard when it matters, though.

And if you don’t – just come and see me and I’ll fix you right up!

~Dr. Wagner