Patient Testimonials

Boise Patient Testimonials

At Modern Dental, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality dental service to all our patients, but don’t just take our work for it… see for yourself what our patients are saying!

These are real Modern Dental testimonials from patients like you. Once you’re ready, schedule your new patient appointment.

“Excellent customer service, great atmosphere, employees are super nice. I loved the television on the ceiling to watch as my fillings were getting done. No high pressure sales. Felt well taken care of in a clean new atmosphere. Looking forward to returning soon and referring more friends and family.”

Corrina, Boise, ID

“Great crew! The gals at the front counter are the most friendly and receptive I have ever met. They treat you like a real person not just some cattle getting headed in. From there it was just as wonderful, from check in to check out, everyone had a smile and great attitude. Highly recommended.”

Brett, Boise, ID

“My whole family goes to Modern Dental and we have been happy with the service we have received. My poor 6 year old has had cavities filled and they were very patient with him. He doesn’t mind his cleanings and loves the way he is treated. They also do quite a bit of community support to our schools and I really love that!”

Pamela, Boise, ID

“Awesome! I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, caring and friendly team. Their concern has always been for my level of comfort.”

Sheila, Boise, ID

“What a great place. If you want a real smile, this is where you will find it. =)”

Braxton, Boise, ID

“Modern Dental is awesome! They were very friendly and understanding. Dr. Wagner and the hygienists are very friendly. They all are very professional. Thank you!”

Martina, Boise, ID

“Awesome staff, wonderful office, I am very satisfied with all their services!! I would highly recommend.”

Nancy, Boise, ID

“I looked up Modern Dental on the web and saw it was highly rated on Google. I made an appointment and was immediately impressed.

The people were really cool. You can tell their culture is right. Within a matter of 20 minutes I was on my way to getting a root canal for a tooth that needed some serious TLC. The doctor did a really nice job. He cared a lot about my pain and comfort. The next day they called me to see how I was doing. Very impressed!”

Zack, Boise, ID

I had recently had roots canals done at Willow Tree a year and a half ago or so and kind of had a “meh” experience. So I decided to look into something different and through Google, found these guys.

Right off the bat, Karen at the front desk was super awesome. Later I was lead by by the hygienist, Jennifer, to do all of my initial X-Rays and got that all squared away. She kept good conversation the whole time and treated me like a new friend. Back at the front desk, Karen signed me out with no problems. Even helped me with a couple of discounts to help me bill a little. 🙂

To anyone over there that reads this, thank you. I will be back for future visits for sure.”

Dustin, Boise, ID

“Modern Dental ROCKS! Hands-down, the friendliest and most accommodating office staff I have ever encountered. And I’ve experienced some good ones! Add to the atmosphere a patient dentist, a gentle oral hygienist, a fantastic (and I mean FANTASTIC) office manager, and an affable technician, and that puts Modern Dental over the top.

I HIGHLY recommend Modern Dental.”

Tyler, Boise, ID

“Great dental practice. Took my daughter in for some gum surgery and Dr. Wagner made the procedure fast and painless. Thanks Modern Dental.”

Scott, Boise, ID

“Great friendly staff, good service”

Lynn, Boise, ID

“As a 19 year old, I don’t mind going to the dentist, but the experience here is pleasant. The staff is nice and caring and really care about the patience well being and how to help their oral health.

They were the first to notice that I had wearing on my teeth from grinding at night, and made me a mouthguard. It has been working great. They are super easy to talk to, answer any questions, and are straight up with everything”

Megan, Boise, ID