My Lil’ Fearless Skier

My 6-year-old, Tessa, is doing awesome with her skiing lessons. She and I have been able to enjoy the Boise slopes when I’m not at the office being your devoted dentist.

She is skilled enough to pair her skis so she only snow plows a little bit. She wanted to show off after her lesson the other week. So I stayed out there with her and we skied together for a while.

She’s a trooper. She’s usually pretty tough and I’m very proud of her.

My boys, both of whom are older than my 6-year-old, gave up early and went to the car because they were cold.

But I can’t fault them too much for it. After a few more trips down the slope I was definitely ready for some hot chocolate and heat, too.

Being with family and enjoying winter activities is a great way to get through this Boise winter. I hope all of you are enjoying the snow while it’s here, because it’ll be gone before you know it!

~Dr. Wagner

Here’s a video of Tessa from a couple years ago…