Modern Dental AND Orthodontics…Wait, What?

Yes, the name of our Boise office is actually Modern Dental and Orthodontics. While we are not licensed Orthodontists, I do have extensive training in orthodontics. I can perform various procedures in order to help straighten your smile.

Orthodontics is one of the things that has really been a passion of mine during my career. But it didn’t start out that way…

The Past

It started 15 years ago when I opened my dental office. I had an agreement with a local orthodontist to refer patients back and forth. I named the business Modern Dental and Orthodontics, even though I didn’t have any orthodontic experience at that time.

Unfortunately, the deal fell through and I was left without an orthodontist at my clearly identified “dental” and “orthodontic” office. It would have cost me thousands of dollars to reprint and redesign everything. So instead of doing that, I decided to get some training in orthodontics so that I could still offer these services to my patients.

I looked all over the country for the best of the best to receive training in orthodontic work. What I learned is that the typical orthodontic theory that is taught in school can be a little outdated compared to what is actually in practice at offices around the country.

Instead of attending a school, I attended seminars by industry leaders who were on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology, equipment, and methods – and who were using all those things on their patients each and every day.

The result of that is a successful and modern approach to straightening your smile, as well as other orthodontia work, using all the best that the industry has to offer.

The Present

Modern Dental invisalignSo what does this mean for you as my Boise patients?

It means everything! Having someone who is trained as a dentist, sees the ins and outs of oral health and structure in the short and the long term, AND who is trained and capable in orthodontia is a powerful tool in your journey to a healthy and aesthetic smile.

There are so many new technologies that are available to my clients that don’t require surgery. If you want to know what they are, please contact me and my Boise dental team, and we’ll discuss your options together.

~Dr. Wagner