What makes Modern Dental Unique?

Like any thriving metro area, Boise and its surrounding suburbs have no shortage of dental specialists. It’s a competitive market, and we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have what it takes to stand out.

We’re unique among Boise dentists, not just because we live up to our name, but because we guarantee our work, we value our patients, and we love our community. We love technology that makes your life easier and empowers us to provide even better service.

We fully embrace the name ‘Modern Dental.’

Guaranteed Work

People are more important than any technology. So, before we explain our cool technology and how we use it, let’s talk about customer service.

We guarantee all of our work. If the work doesn’t last, or if something goes wrong, we will pay the bill. You shouldn’t ever have to pay for the same dental job twice, right?

Here are a few examples:

  • Root Canals – If you have a root canal procedure done and it fails a year later, we will send you to a specialist and pay the bill. It doesn’t happen often, but if it does, we guarantee we will make it right.
  • Fillings – If we install a filling and it decays within two years, we will pay the entire cost of outfitting you with a new filling.
  • Crowns – If you get a crown and it breaks within five years, we will replace it at no cost to you. We recently replaced a crown that broke after four and a half years– for free.

We do ask that you come in to Modern Dental for your regularly scheduled checkups, of course. That way we can keep an eye on all of your dental work and prevent future problems. Prevention is much less time consuming than repair, and we value your time.

Late Policy

Because we value your time, we have a late policy. No one likes waiting around for the doctor or dentist. We understand you have a busy life to get back to– wasting your time is not what we consider good customer service.

If you have to wait more than 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment to get started, we’ll make it up to you. We do our best to run on time and get to everyone as they’re scheduled, but sometimes dental work takes just a little longer than planned.

So, how do we make it up to you? If you wait longer than 10 minutes, we give you a gift card. The next time you eat out, go see a movie, or make a trip to Home Depot, we’ll foot the bill.

How cool is that?

We’re committed to making your visit as smooth and quick as possible without cutting corners.


The thought of cutting corners or doing less-than-exemplary work during a dental procedure, is horrifying to us. We never want to provide anything less than the best for our patients.

That’s why we’re heavily invested in training and continuing education for all of our employees. No matter how good we are or how much we know, we believe education will always make us even better.

We regularly schedule intense training for:

If it’s a service we provide, we seek out training on the subject. We firmly believe we can’t be the best without investing in continuing education.


Using cutting-edge technology requires training, too.

At Modern Dental, we make extensive use of top-of-the-line dental technology. That’s how we chose our name. We were one of the first offices in the Treasure Valley to embed a TV on our ceiling. Sure, it’s commonplace now, but back when we first did it, it blew our patients’ minds.

One of our favorite bits of technology is our Sorodex Scanora 3D machine. It takes incredible 3D images of the inside of your mouth. It shows us a 3D map of your jaws, teeth, and jaw joints. It’s extremely helpful for dental implants.

It also helps us make a better diagnosis. We understand your needs better when we have a 3D roadmap. Not many dentists in the state of Idaho have one of these machines, but we couldn’t imagine life without ours.

The best part of the Scanora machine? It means you don’t have to go to another facility to get a dental implant. We can do it right here.

Community Service

We love our community as much as we love education, so we try to combine both of those passions with our charity work.

We love our local school, Trailwind Elementary. We sponsor plenty of their events, but we love their May Carnival the most. Nothing makes us happier than helping to put on a carnival that both kids and their parents look forward to every year.

The Treasure Valley is an amazing place, and we want to do our part to keep it that way. After all, Boise provides both a high-quality of life and amazing patients. We want to give back.

We realize you’re not lacking for choices when it comes to dentists in Boise. We set ourselves apart because we want to earn your business. Every day, we work to provide better service, educate our employees, keep up with the best in dental technology, and give back to the community.

Those commitments make Modern Dental unique. So stop by our practice in South East Boise and see for yourself what makes Modern Dental the best dentist in Boise!

~Dr. Wagner