I’m More than Just a Boise Dentist

Boise dentist golfingI’m not just a Boise dentist. I love what I do, but there is more to me that what you see as you sit in my office chair with your mouth hanging open.

I have a passion for dentistry, yes, but I’m also an active guy. I enjoy mountain biking and bike racing. As well as, camping and other outdoorsy sports. Recently, I had to stop biking, so I’ve decided to pursue a new quest: break 90 in golf.

A golf trip with the guys

For the last few years I’ve joined some other men on a two-day golf trip once a year.

There were 8 of us this year; family men, entrepreneurs and businessmen: real estate agent, executive, financial planner, a couple attorneys, a dentist, of course – well, you get the idea. It’s a good group of men and I enjoy the time I got to spend with them as I worked on my golf game.

We went to McCall this year and visited three different courses, playing 36 holes. We played a variety of games, doing a couple rounds and a four man scramble, for example. All the courses were quite good.

In case you are a golfer, here are my thoughts on each of them…

Meadow Creek

We played at Meadow Creek on the first day. It was a beautiful course with a rustic feel. It has some interesting holes. It wasn’t too difficult to keep on the greens and was softer than the other courses. I shot 100 here.

Of course the details of the course may or may not have helped me play better. It did seem to distract me enough that I didn’t notice when my golf bag became mysteriously lighter. It turned out I lost my 4 iron!

But don’t worry, they found it and are shipping it back to me. Crisis averted!

McCall Municipal

golfing in McCall, IdahoWe followed up with a trip to the McCall municipal course later on our first day. We played the new 9 and it was a good course as well.

And really, you can play and have a good time no matter who your are with, or what your skill level is.

Jug Mountain Ranch

Jug Mountain Ranch Golf Course had their club tournament the day before we played there, so the greens were really hard and cut pretty short. It was difficult to keep anything on them.

During the afternoon at Jug, we played the four man scramble and my team won with 9 under. That’s pretty solid. Of course, we split the teams up to even out the skill levels. It was a good game.

Just keep it up

It’s not about the final victory every time. Sometimes it’s about the hard work and time you put in to improve. So don’t be discouraged about the mishaps along the way.

I took 24 balls with me and I barely finished the last hole with my very last good ball. I lost all the rest! That’s just how it goes sometimes.

I’ve been averaging about 3 rounds each year for the last decade and before that I still managed going once or twice. The bottom line: just keep at it. I’m not at my goal yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually as I keep working toward it!

And if you need help keeping up with your oral health, let our team at Modern Dental in Boise help out!

~Dr. Wagner