I Have A Fear Of Dentists, What Should I Do?

Dr. Wagner of South East Boise’s Modern Dental addresses a common issue. Fear of the dentist:

Well, there is a couple of things that you should be aware of.

Number one, dentistry and the ability to deliver comfortable care has improved so much in the last few years. Technology has given us methods and materials that make the dental experience in general very comfortable.

The other thing is I think that, at least at Modern Dental, we really want to treat people the way we want to be treated ourselves and that seems to put patients at ease.

There are some other resources that we have available to us that make the dental office visits very comfortable. We have nitrous oxide which can be relaxing and that coupled with some prescription medications such as Valium can really take the edge off of coming to the dentist and make the dental visit relatively pleasant.

There is also sedation dentistry where you take a pill and while you’re in the office you’re actually awake but you don’t feel like you’re awake. It’s actually more complex than that, but we can cover all the details with you in person at the dental office.

So there is some wonderful technology that really has made the industry much more comfortable even compared to when I was a teenager. So, in general, we are seeing a lot less anxiety associated with the dental visit.

I’m Dr. Wagner from Modern Dental, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. If you have any lingering questions, or have a fear of the dentist yourself, give our team a call and see how we can help put you at ease.