How We Made Miracles Happen for Mother’s Day

When we say dental care you probably think about brushing your teeth or flossing (or lack thereof). What I’m actually talking about today is dental caring. We live in a very giving community. The Treasure Valley is known for our can do, everyone pitches in attitude. We wanted to share with you our Mother’s Day Miracle. Our dental office, caring.

The Ronald McDonald House is a local charity organization here in Boise that is the home away from home for hundreds of families each year. Their guests come from throughout the state of Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Northern Nevada, Alaska, and beyond. The Ronald McDonald house believes families are stronger when they are together, and their presence helps a sick child heal faster and cope better.

Their goal is to help lessen the burden and ensure families have the stability and resources to get and keep their child healthy and happy. Families have to be referred any hospital in Boise including Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital and Intermountain Hospital. It is located across the street from St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

So what do they do exactly? When a child with a life-threatening disease or an unexpected illness or injury has to travel to another city to receive medical care the Ronald McDonald house provides a roof over the heads of their family so they can all stay together. They help to ease the added stress and financial burden associated with seeking medical help outside of your home town. What a great charity. Find other ways to contribute and click here.

Modern Dental’s Mother’s Day Miracle

The Friday before Mother’s Day, May 10, 2013, we decided to close our office to our general patients and show how much our wonderful staff cares. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) donated their time, supplies, and energy to help see as many dental patients from the Ronald McDonald House as we could.

Some patients needed much more work than we could accomplish that day, we’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars worth of work. We did as much as we could and got them on their way. Some patients just needed a good cleaning and maybe some fillings. We did that too. And we did everything at no cost to the patients.

We had a pretty good sized turn out as well, approximately 25 patients in all. It was a very busy and very rewarding day. We love this community and we love the people in it. Just to see how much everyone cares is touching.

We want to thank all of our wonderful staff for donating their time and all of our loyal customers that waited that one extra day for service so we could give back for such a noble cause. We couldn’t do all that we do without all of you. So thank you!

Dr. Wagner’s Tip of the Day:


Yes, I realize you’ve heard this a hundred times, but floss. That’s it. I want to get you to floss and then we can talk about your techniques. Good oral health begins with your bathroom sink not with the hygienist scraping away at the plaque for an hour.

If you’re in need of a cleaning or regular check up, give our dental team a call and they’ll be sure to take care of you and your family!