How Vitamin D Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Most of us probably know that vitamin D is an essential part of our overall health. Vitamin D is created through sun exposure to the skin, and it does a number of amazing things for your body.

One of the most important benefits of vitamin D is the way it boosts your immune function by a factor of three to five! That’s huge for your health, because your immune system is instrumental in staving off colds, infections, and even chronic diseases like cancer!

That’s not all Vitamin D does, though. It plays a key role in your oral health too.

Vitamin D and Your Mouth

Modern Dental recommends plenty of vitamin DLast month, we talked about the link between gum disease and a poor immune system. Remember that gum disease actually inhibits immune function, which then allows more harmful bacteria to proliferate. This vicious cycle is hard to break.

Your secret weapon is vitamin D. It has antimicrobial properties that wreck bacteria like the harmful Porphyromonas gingivalis that lead to gum disease! With sufficient vitamin D, you can create an environment that’s less friendly to bad bacteria.

Of course, you’ll still want to brush and floss regularly, but it’s good to know that vitamin D plays a helpful role in oral health too.

To get enough vitamin D, you can use supplements and drink milk, but going outside is the best way. And don’t worry that you use sunscreen to protect your skin—you’ll still get the benefits of sun exposure!

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~Dr. Wagner