Gobble-Gobble Till You Wobble!

Modern Dental Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! A time to be thankful, not only today, but all through the year!

We love Thanksgiving and the time we get to spend making memories with our families!

And who doesn’t love the eating part that takes place on this day?! I’m pretty sure nobody diets on Thanksgiving! Although it’s a day that surrounds food and desserts, (and football!) it can also be a day that surrounds healthy food and desserts. (and football!)

Check out some of these healthier versions of our favorite holiday dishes!

Food, Food, All the Glorious Food!

The Bird! The main focal point of any Thanksgiving feast! We love this healthier alternative to cooking a turkey!


Roasted Garlic and Meyer Lemon-Rubbed Turkey

Not sure how to actually carve your glorious bird? Check out this helpful guide!

And not to be outdone, who could forget about the wonderful side dishes! This healthy sweet potato side dish is sure to delight your taste buds and your guests!

Sweet Potatoes with Apple Butter

And no feast would be complete without a Thanksgiving tradition of pumpkin pie! We especially love this healthier version provided by Chocolate-Covered Katie!

Pumpkin Pie- Healthy Style!

Make Lasting Memories!

Above all else, Thanksgiving is a day to reflect back on all the things you are thankful for! Treasure the time your family is spending together and find ways to make lasting memories and traditions that can be passed down for years to come!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Modern Dental in Boise!

~ Modern Dental Team