Give Them a Reason to Smile

Christmas shopping can fill us with both measures of joy and anxiety. We worry about finding the perfect gift, all the while being bombarded with ads and discounts for things that will most likely fill the attic in months to come.

This season, consider a new way to say “Merry Christmas”! Why not give your loved ones a better investment than unwanted clothes or stuff they won’t use, by instead giving a meaningful, memorable and better yet, practical gift!

Our oral health is important, we know this. So why not give the gift that makes us smile a little wider and a little brighter, too.

I’m Dreaming Of A White…

Smile! There are many different ways you can give the gift of a whiter smile, here are just a few!  

Whitening – Cosmetic work is always a popular choice for the holidays and it happens to be  our most popular procedure. Performed in office, teeth whitening is quick, painless, and very effective. If they want to continue whitening at home, we offer Whitestrips that continue with the great treatment they had in office. Quality treatments can stand up to stains for a couple of years, so they are sure to appreciate the long-term value provided.

Voucher – Perhaps we want our presents to pack a stronger punch than just whitening? Provide your loved ones with a voucher toward a service they have been putting off. Often times, we see parents taking care of their kids, first, in lieu of taking care of themselves. While admirable, perhaps a voucher would make a great opportunity for them to begin a treatment or service they’ve been putting off. Our pre-pay system allows you to put money towards the care of a loved one, whether in part or in full, for whatever treatment they want/need.

Sonicare Toothbrush – The car replaced the cart, the light bulb replaced the candle, and Sonicare has replaced the standard toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are a popular Christmas item; they are affordable and get extensive use, year round.

Treat Them, or Treat Yourself

Whether you are thinking about treating yourself or presenting a gift to a special someone this year, Modern Dental in Boise has you covered. Shop outside the gift box with unique and thoughtful gifts straight from the best family dentists in Boise.


~Dr. Wagner