Get to Know Your Dental Team: Employee Spotlight

Front of Modern Dental practice in Boise

At Modern Dental, we enjoy running a dental practice in Boise because Boise is full of great people.

We’re blessed to serve great patients, and we’re also fortunate to work with a great dental team.

That’s why we’re putting Ashley, one of our incredible dental assistants, in the spotlight. She provides top notch care to our patients every day. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Ashley, you know she has a way of making people feel comfortable and at ease.

She’s dedicated to making sure your visit to Modern Dental is pleasant and purposeful. Since she’s such an integral part of our team, and a big part of your experience at our practice, we thought you might like to know more about her.

About Ashley

Ashley’s been with Modern dental for a year now. She’s originally from Halfway, OR and has lived in Boise for eight years.

As a dental assistant, Ashley knows the value of a winning smile and good oral health. She’s invested in your overall wellness, but she also understands the confidence boost a perfect smile can bring.

“I really like seeing how we can change people’s smiles with braces. It is also nice to see people walk out of the office happy and pain-free,” says Ashley.

Ashley is an enthusiastic person. As an office, our team once went on a recent outing to Dart Zone.

“I plowed over a cardboard obstacle trying to get the other team,” says Ashley.

She has two children, ages two and five. Though she loves her job, her children give her life the greatest amount of joy and personal fulfillment.  

If Ashley could take a vacation anywhere, she’d likely pay a visit to Germany. Many members of her family originally hail from Germany, so she’d like to spend some time there.

Tidbits and Trivia

Ashley thinks about the importance of smiling when she’s not at work, too.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” often attributed to Dr. Seuss, is her favorite quote. She also cites his work Oh, The Places You’ll Go! as her favorite book.

If Ashley had a superpower, she’d like the power of flight.

“I’d choose flight because I could go anywhere I wanted. Quickly,” says Ashley.

If she could witness any historical event, she’d like to see the American Revolutionary War victory, because of its importance to the history of our country. If she could meet any person from the past or present, she’d like to meet Pocahontas.

Ashley says if she had to eat one meal, every day, for the rest of her life, it would be grilled chicken with a garden salad and French bread.


Every time you have a great experience at Modern Dental, you probably have Ashley to thank, at least in some part. She always treats patients with thought and care, and she helps keep everything around the office running smoothly, to boot.

We appreciate everything Ashley contributes to our dental practice in Boise, and we know our patients appreciate her, too.

Schedule an appointment and meet Ashley during your next visit!
~Dr. Wagner