Are silver fillings safe?

Hi, I’m Dr. Wagner¬†from Boise’s Modern Dental here to answer the question, “Are silver fillings safe?”

Well, this is a tough question because it depends on which country you come from.

Silver fillings have been outlawed in several European countries and in many cases, even in Canada. In Canada silver fillings are outlawed for children under a certain age and for breast feeding women.

They are still legal in the United States, however in my opinion, because of the research that has been implemented in other countries I prefer to stay away from them.

So in answer to the question, “Are mercury fillings safe?”, in the United States they are deemed safe. In other countries they are deemed unsafe.

Just one little bit to think about. If I do a silver filling in someone’s mouth, and I take the left over pieces of that and I dump it down the sink, I will get a fine from the FDA. So it’s not safe to put it down the sink but it is safe to put it in someone’s mouth.

I’m Dr. Wagner, I hope that answers the question whether silver fillings are safe. If you have additional questions about silver fillings, or fillings in general, give our team a call. We’re always more than happy to talk shop and find a way to help.