Dental Implants with Incredible Accuracy

cone-beam xrayToday, I want to cover an important dental topic: implant-supported options for your smile. These are typically the crowns, bridges, and dentures that you are familiar with, but it also includes full arch reconstruction.

If you’ve lost teeth, had teeth pulled, or chipped or knocked out – you would be a great candidate for these implant-supported options.

How Accurate is Accurate?

I’ve been working on several cases recently replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even having a denture supported by implants. These procedures utilize a great piece of technology that we have here in the office.

The Sorodex Scanora 3D cone-beam x-ray machine gives us a 3D image of our patients’ jaws. We can take measurements and we can digitally place the implants. There is a company that will build a surgical guide that will very specifically and safely direct the implant to the exact right place within their jaw structure.

We’ve had this for a few years and we’ve been using it for quite a while, so we are true experts in this method. Because of this tool, we can place implants in areas that previously could not support them because of bone loss or anatomical constructs in the way.

With these methods, we can go within 2 or 3 mm of those constructs, getting implants in places that some people have never been able to have them. Some people have reconciled themselves to never truly being able to chew again. But now we can fix that! It’s a life changer!

If you want to come in for a consultation about what this procedure could do for you and your smile, please call our dental office in South East Boise and make an appointment today!

~Dr. Wagner