Do You or Your Child Need Braces?

The added financial responsibility of caring for others can be stressful, especially when deciding whether to buy braces for your children. Braces cost money that could be spent elsewhere, and your child’s social life and physical appearance will be impaired temporarily.

How do you know if your child really needs braces? Let’s take a look…

The Basic Needs – Cleaning, Communicating, and Eating

Teeth need to be cleaned, or else they won’t last very long. If your child cannot clean his or her teeth because of development problems, braces may be needed.

Teeth also play a role in speaking and digesting food. If your child has trouble eating or talking, they may need braces.

What if I Don’t Get Braces?

If your child doesn’t get braces and their teeth grow crooked, your child may have to pay for it later in life. Problems not fixed in childhood can develop and become worse in adulthood, requiring surgeries like crown fillings, veneers, and yes, even braces.

What About Looks?

Both you and your child are impacted by your physical appearance. If it is worth it for you or your child to have all the advantages of even, aligned teeth, then braces can pay for themselves over the course of a lifetime.

Does that make braces a need? The decision is yours. If the braces are for a child, you must base your decision on your current financial situation, your child’s future, and what you are willing to do.

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