What Idaho Families Need to Know About the Coronavirus

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble (which isn’t a terrible idea at the moment), you’ve heard a lot about COVID-19, a.k.a. the coronavirus. As these events continue to unfold, we’d like to keep our friends and neighbors informed about our community. Health experts around the world are racing to track and contain a new […]

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Are Artificial Sweeteners a Safe Alternative to Sugar?

You’re a health-conscious shopper. When choosing healthy snacks at the grocery store, you’ll pick up that yogurt container and take a look at the nutrition label. Low in calories and added sugar? Check. And so that yogurt finds a home in your shopping cart.  But you may have overlooked something.  We all understand that most […]

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Science vs. Good Dental Habits

I’ve been seeing a lot of Modern Dental patients here in Boise, especially parents, who are starting to become too passive in those daily dental habits for themselves and their kids. As your dentist, I want to keep your smiles healthy and whole. So here is a friendly little reminder… Brush and Floss EVERY DAY! […]

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