Bottled Water Could Be Killing Your Teeth


bottled waterWater is great for you! However, there have been numerous studies coming out recently that have very startling new information for anyone concerned with dental health. With the huge push for people to drink more water, we are seeing a huge increase in the amount of people drinking bottled water.

They are finding that bottled water is lacking in many of the components that water typically has to help your teeth, mainly fluoride.

Fluoride Is Nothing New


I know you all know that fluoride is good for oral health. It has been publicized over and over again how much we need it.

What fluoride does for your teeth is battle cavities by strengthening your tooth enamel and remineralize teeth damage caused by acid.

Remineralizing is a process during which minerals are returned to the molecular structure of the tooth itself. Teeth are porous allowing fluids beneath the surface of the tooth. The fluids that flow into the tooth itself demineralise the tooth making the pores larger.

In layman’s terms, decaying the tooth from the inside out.

Fluoride is used to promote remineralization producing stronger and more acid resistant materials that attach to the tooth and prevent this process of decay.

Bottled Water Lacks Fluoride

The majority of bottled waters out there have little or no fluoride in them. In fact when they filter the water any fluoride in it may even be removed.

Manufacturers of bottled water or home filtration systems use reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis filters out minerals and some chemicals.

According to the American Dental Association fluoridated water should contain between 0.7 and 1.2 milligrams per liter of fluoride to be effective against cavities. Exactly how much you need varies by body size. The ADA recommends for a 160 pound person to have 4 milligrams per day of fluoride.

Most bottled water contains less than 0.3 milligrams per liter of fluoride. At those calculations you would need to drink at least 14 bottles of water per day….

No one is saying bottled water causes cavities, however, if you are not getting an adequate amount of fluoride per day you are putting yourself at greater risk of developing cavities. This would also be true if you just didn’t drink water at all.

The good thing that is coming out of all the controversy surrounding bottled water is that the US Food and Drug Administration is now monitoring this industry whereas they weren’t before. This means they are required to list the contents of their water and also means they can’t label untrue things such as “100% pure” when it really isn’t.

The good news as well, is that if you are a die hard bottled water drinker there are other options that may be available to you. I recommend you come in to speak with us at Modern Dental about how much fluoride you and your family may need per day. There are other options we may recommend to you such as fluoride toothpastes or prescription fluoride drops.

If you are unsure of the benefits of fluoride to you and your family, we’re happy to sit down and explain it’s benefits to you. After all a healthy smile should be a part of your healthy lifestyle. Give us  a call and see how we can help improve your healthy smile!

~Dr. Wagner