Avoiding that Jack-o’-Lantern Smile

Modern Dental Rotting PumpkinMissing teeth is completely acceptable if you’re a jack-o’-lantern, but not so much if you’re a person! Especially when dental implants are much more common than most people realize. And dental implants are something we at Modern Dental specialize in!

The Pros Far Outweigh the Cons!

Aside from the obvious benefits, like self-esteem and overall appearance, dental implants improve your oral health. And because implants are not removable, there’s no worry of your teeth falling out when you eat or speak, like there tends to be when it comes to those classic-style dentures.

Dental implants are also proven to improve speech, and they make it far more convenient to eat.

They are specifically designed to fuse to the jawbone, thus not affecting the nearby teeth. They are stronger and more durable than their restorative counterparts, like bridges and dentures, as they are a permanent solution to tooth loss.

They are comfortable and feel like your real teeth. They’re also made to be durable and last a very long time with proper oral care!

Want a Better Smile? We Can Help!

If you are missing one or more teeth and want to avoid that jack-o’-lantern kind of smile, come see us today. Our Boise dental practice offers information regarding the entire dental implant process, which will keep you educated every step of the way.

~Dr. Wagner