Q&A with a Boise Hygienist

Our hygienist, Carmen, has been with us at our Boise dental office for thirteen years. She meets our patients at least twice a year and we realized our patients ask her a variety of questions all the time.

We thought this would make a great opportunity to pick her brain for a moment. So, what questions do our patients ask Carmen, all the time?

What Carmen Recommends

Carmen says the question she receives the most, as a hygienist, is usually about which affordable dental products are best and what she personally recommends. Let’s face it, there are a ton of dental products on the market these days, and most aren’t worth even purchasing.

It’s great to have a personal recommendation from someone who really knows what works and what doesn’t!

Here are a just a few products Carmen gets the most questions about:

  • So, what’s better: WaterPik or floss?
    • Floss, hands down. A WaterPik is good for disrupting bacteria, but it can grow back fairly quickly. Floss is much better at actually removing the bacteria from your teeth and mouth completely.
  • Is there a certain type of toothpaste that’s better?
    • As far as brands go, I don’t have a favorite. It should contain fluoride. If you are looking for a more natural toothpaste option, choose one with xylitol instead.
  • What toothbrush do you use?
    • I am a huge fan of the Sonicare toothbrushes we all use in our office. There is nothing wrong with a standard, soft bristled Oral B toothbrush, but if you are looking to upgrade that traditional toothbrush, the Sonicare is a very smart choice. You’ll notice the difference immediately. We actually offer them at our office. If you are interested, it’s totally worth it.

What Carmen Loves About Her Job

Carmen also talked about how she loves to hear the stories her patients tell her everyday; and she loves that she gets to meet people from around the world. Whether they are students from BSU or Micron employees, when they come in and sit in her chair, they always share the best stories.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen Carmen, or the rest of us, give our Boise office a call to schedule an appointment today. Our team is standing by ready to help you and your family.

~Dr. Wagner