7 Tips to Make Mornings Magical [Again]

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Trust me, I know the struggle of getting out of bed each morning, when the alarm goes off.  

Should I call in sick? As tired as I am, maybe I’ll call in dead. At the very least, I should skip the gym this morning and get an extra hour of sleep. Maybe I’ll even skip the shower and freshen up with a thorough misting of some Axe body spray.

Many people find it tough to get out of bed in the morning. It’s comfortable, warm, and getting up usually means the beginning of another busy day.

But, mornings don’t have to be so rough!

There are plenty of ways you can take the pain out of getting up each morning.

Waking up doesn’t have to be a nightmare

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  • Prep the night before — Discipline is key here in order to get things ready the night before. Is it easier to prep everything before you go to bed or during the morning rush? There was a time when I struggled with this, and mornings often meant that I missed breakfast, failed to have a lunch prepared, had to search for an article of clothing, and essentially, put a negative dent in my entire day. I have found, 90% of my morning’s problems have disappeared by getting myself organized the night before.

Pro tip: Don’t forget the easy stuff like towels or socks. Locate all items required to leave the house like your keys, wallet (purse), or glasses and put them in the same spot every night.

  1. Wake up even earlier — “What? How is that going to help me? If you are barely pulling yourself out of bed in time to make it to school or work on time, you might consider getting up earlier. Sure, you’ll have to establish an earlier sleep time, but that extra time each morning can make your entire day more productive. You want to be alert and awake when your day starts, not when it’s halfway to lunchtime.

Pro tip: It’s not entirely about how you wake up, but rather, about how well you went to sleep the night before. Practice good sleep habits.

  1. Automate your mornings — What if your house decided to start the day, whether you participated or not? With the right gadgetry, mornings can include curtains that open themselves, lights that turn on, and even a coffee pot that gets itself going. You can even program your TV to turn on and have the news or your favorite background music play. They can even warm the house a bit to encourage you to throw off those covers. The best part of this Jetson’s futuristic lifestyle is that it’s not that hard or expensive to make the magic happen.

Pro tip: Apps like Sleep as Android monitor your sleep cycle and will help you wake up at an optimal time.

  1. Move every morning — Whether it’s a full blown session at the gym, a brisk walk, or even just some mobility, moving should be a mission for you every morning. There is nothing that tells your body and brain that it’s time to get the motor going, than exercise. It doesn’t particularly matter what it is that you do, but do something.

Pro tip: Use these 8 movements to mobilize your hips.

  1. Eat breakfast — Missing breakfast can lead to poor eating choices throughout the day. I’m convinced that many people aren’t hungry when they wake up because they are still in zombie mode. Having a healthy breakfast is also a sign that you made it. If your mornings were efficient enough to allow yourself time for a healthy meal, then you probably have the rest of it together, too.

Pro tip: Aim for a breakfast that is high in protein and fiber. This will keep you satiated until your next meal.

  1. Don’t skimp on the hygiene — Have you ever woken up late and just scurried out the door without properly grooming yourself? You want to feel your best each day and not be worried that people notice your morning breath. So, always make time for proper hygiene and establish it as a consistent part of your morning routine.

Pro tip: Keep a complete hygiene kit in your vehicle for those emergency touch ups.

  1. Drink water — A glass of water (especially ice water) will transition you into alert mode faster than just about anything else. It’s basically magic. Aim for drinking a glass immediately upon waking up.

Pro tip: Drink water right before you go to bed. Then you’ll not only be hydrated, but you’ll HAVE to get up or deal with the consequences. *May not work for tiny bladders.

It’s funny how fast you can wake up when you realize you’ve overslept

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Your morning routine sets the tone for the entire rest of your day. As an adult, you’re probably going to have over 25,000 mornings to get through, so why not do what you can to make mornings the best they can be?


~Dr. Wagner