7 Ideas for a Fun and Safe Halloween in 2020


2020 seemed destined for holiday greatness:

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday.
4th of July is on a Saturday.
Halloween is on a Saturday.
Thanksgiving is on a Thursday (of course).
Christmas is on a Friday.
New Year’s Day 2021 is on a Friday.

Then COVID-19 came along, and here we are in October and we’re still wearing masks and socially distancing to flatten the curve. Well, I for one am choosing to see the situation as a challenge — nay, an opportunity — to explore new ways of celebrating Halloween within the confines of my home and in the company of my personal pandemic pod (aka “the family”).

If you’re looking for fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020, then look no further than DR. ROYCE’S Quarantine-O-Ween (cue spooky music).

Quarantine-O-Ween Ideas, With Boise Dentist Dr. Royce

Next-Level Decorations & Desserts

With a full Saturday to work with and little in the way of parties or trick-or-treating, there should be plenty of time for a crash course in arts and crafts. Put on your imagination cap and look all around you at the Halloween potential! Here are a few ideas to prime your creativity:

Halloween ideas

Wall of Bats
Spirit Jugs
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
Gooey Monster-Eyes Cookies
Jello Monsters
Pumpkin Rice Krispies

Board Game Night

If you’ll be holding down the family fort and turning off the porch light this Halloween, then why not dive into a board game? Pull out your classic family games like Uno or Yahtzee, or stick to your Quarantine-O-Ween theme and choose One Night Ultimate Werewolf or Disney Villainous.

If your best boardgaming buds aren’t there with you, don’t fret. You can play a regular tabletop game remotely with a webcam, or you can play a variety of popular games for free on virtual tabletops like Tabletopia and Board Game Arena! Some cult classics like Settlers of Catan have their own web applications, so it’s worth a look if you have a personal favorite.

Have a Halloween Movie Marathon

Set the scene and embrace the Halloween spirit with spooky decor, costumes, and Halloween snacks to accompany your movie marathon. For a long-distance movie night, Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that enables group chat on Netflix, Disney, Hulu and HBO, synchronizing video playback for your watch party.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

If your kids are missing out on trick-or-treating this year, a Halloween scavenger hunt is a lot of fun! You can hide candy or non-candy treats with each clue, and you can even have a grand prize at the end.

The hardest part of organizing a scavenger hunt is mustering the creativity, so here are some ready-made clues with printable cards you can use.
Printable Follow-the-Clues Scavenger Hunt
Checklist Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt PLUS Printable Halloween Games

Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt

Halloween eggs

Egg hunts aren’t just for Easter. You can buy Halloween-themed eggs at most major stores in Boise, or you can Halloween-ify plastic eggs left over from Easter and include mini glow sticks inside. Add candy, and hide them in the yard or around the house!

Set up a Candy Graveyard

Some neighborhoods are collaborating to keep trick-or-treating safe. If you’re part of the Halloween Ride or Die crew, there are methods for low-contact candy distribution, i.e. the “Candy Graveyard”. Set up fake tombstones in your yard with prizes/candy next to each one. Candy can be in plastic bags, in single-serving party cups, or even attached to a plastic fork or wooden kabob and speared into the ground! Have trick-or-treaters enter your graveyard one at a time to grab their loot.

Create a Candy Chute

Halloween candy chute

An alternative delivery method for socially-distant trick-or-treating is the Candy Chute. Dads everywhere are collectively nodding in appreciation of this simple contraption, and then thinking of all the ways to over-engineer it and make it even better. Start with a simple chute or pipe that can deliver candy straight into the bag from at least six feet away, decorate it, and then you’re ready for special delivery.

Have a Safe Halloween!

Whether you decide to occupy yourself with your homemade candy cannon or spooky movies with the lights off, we at Modern Dental hope you have a happy Halloween!

Dr. Royce