7 Fascinating Facts About Smiles

A simple smile can translate a lot of information. In fact, research shows a genuine, confident smile can have a big impact on your career, your love life, and even your health. Studies have long reported that smiling can help boost your immune system too, as well as relieve stress.

Smiles Away!

  • We have natural fake-smile-detectors: Real smiles, also called the “Duchenne smile” (he was the scientist that studied this and put it all down on paper), involves a muscle that encircles the eye socket called the obicularis occuli. Our brains can easily tell a fake smile from a real one.
  • You can fake it till you make it: While it may be hard to fool others with a fake smile, you can fool yourself. The very act of smiling can activate centers in your brain that will affect your health and happiness.
  • Babies are born able to smile: Before babies learn to consciously smile, newborns will do so in their sleep. While many behaviors are learned through social interaction, smiling is innate, as even blind babies will smile.
  • It pays to smile: Literally. When you smile, you seem more attractive, confident, and approachable. People who smile more often tend to be promoted more, be more successful, and even lead longer lives.

Invisalign graphic with stats about first impressions

  • The world smiles back: Smiling is contagious. When we see someone else smile, reward centers in our brain go off, and we smile back. It literally makes us happy to see someone else smile. When someone sees you smile, their brain might coax them into automatically smiling back.
  • Smiles make you more attractive: No, really. As mentioned above, receiving a smile can do things to your brain and trigger warm fuzzies about a person. In fact, one study found that smiling was more effective than make-up for improving attraction.
  • Women smile more than men: It doesn’t mean that women are necessarily happier than men. Rather, it is attributed to the fact that women are socialized to smile more, which also gives them greater aptitude than men in detecting fake smiles.

We’re Not All Born With Perfect Teeth

There are far too many people who hide their smile due to discoloration, crooked teeth, or unsightly fillings. Even the first President of the United States did not smile in his presidential portrait, because of terrible teeth.

If you find you want to hide your grin, consider coming in! Modern Dental can correct just about anything!

Even something as simple as teeth whitening strips or veneers can have a huge impact on your confidence and they have near-immediate results.

At Modern Dental, new patients walk out the door with brighter and whiter and healthier teeth than what they came in with; and that’s something even George Washington would smile about.

~Dr. Wagner