We love Halloween, even if it means dealing with the fallout of 20 million pounds of candy corn.

All Laffy Taffy aside, it’s a great time to dress up and celebrate the apex of autumn. If you are having trouble coming up with a costume that will stand out, look no further! With the magic of our own creativity and the internet, here are some of the best orally-themed dental costumes we have found.

The Costumes


Photo credit to Terri Johnson “The Tooth Fairy Costume

Lost Tooth and Tooth Fairy – I love costumes that go together. This works great for couples, siblings, and in my favorite rendition, a father dressed as a gruff and stubbled Tooth Fairy with his Lost-Tooth infant.


Photo credit to BabytoSOBig

Toothbrush – This is a great way to show off your ingenuity with a homemade costume. Bonus points if you can create a functional electric toothbrush.


Photo credit to Jolene George 

Toothpaste – A tube of toothpaste is simple to make for a strong effect, and it will be a look that few will be wearing. Your toughest choice will be deciding whether to go name-brand or generic : )


Photo credit to Chicago Costume

Vampire – What did the vampire say to the dentist? “Fangs very much!” Vampires and other toothy traditional monsters all make great costumes for a hair-raising Halloween. Why did the vampire need mouthwash? Because he had bat breath…I’ll be here all week!


Photo credit Polished RDH 

Dentist – You might consider a more classic look for your child, or for the older, even a “mad dentist” look such as Dr. Driller.

Have a Happy Halloween

If you have any dental-inspired costume ideas, share them with us on Facebook or Twitter. We would love to see the creativity you come up with!

The Modern Dental Team!